Marriage 911 First Response Leader’s Resource Kit  includes a 12-week workbook set, a signed Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved book, and Leader’s Guide.


The Leader’s Kit is available on the Order Now tab. Click “For Churches and Leader’s Only” when you get to the online store. If you have a bookstore in your church, you can qualify for the bookstore discount. Once you have purchased the Leader’s Kit, you will be sent a link to the teaching site. Please contact us to ask for the link.

There are three ways to implement a Marriage 911 God’s Way First Response Ministry

1.  By Implementing a 12 Week Class in Your Church.

A church leader or pastor can purchase the Marriage 911 God’s Way Leader’s Kit and do a full ministry. The kit includes a workbook set and  the Leader’s Guide which outlines how to do a weekly class. It is recommended to have at least two couples in place for the purpose of implementing a 12 week class. This is explained in detail in the Leader’s Guide. Weekly teaching videos are on this website. More teaching helps are available through a secure link provided once a Leader’s Kit has been purchased.

2. Through Keeping Books on Hand

A church can keep copies of the Marriage 911 First Response workbook sets and Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved books on hand to provide for those whose marriages are in crisis. In this case, the person or couple takes the responsibility of choosing their own same-gender support partner to help them be accountable over a 12-week period of time.

Many pastors have realized that couples or individuals who complete the workbook are much easier to counsel at the end of the twelve weeks. In the unfortunate cases where divorce happens, the person who completed the workbook is emotionally and spiritually healthier.

3. As a Lay Person Discipleship Tool

The Marriage 911 Leader’s Kit will equip a lay person (someone who has a heart for ministry, but not ordained) to take the responsibility of implementing the ministry as a discipleship tool.

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