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MARRIAGE 911 12-week workbook and support partner handbook $28.00 per set

This workbook set is recommended if your marriage is in crisis, or if you just need help in your marriage.
This is a great resource if you have an unwilling spouse, since each person is required to have his or her own copy of the workbook. The workbook speaks directly to the person in crisis.

“support partner”

Choose a person of the same gender who will agree to meet with you weekly, pray for you and help hold you accountable to your weekly lessons in the workbook.The Support Partner Handbook speaks directly to the Support Partner and is included in the workbook set.


Workbook Contents


  • Week One: “Unmet Needs“: Do You Expect Your Spouse to Meet All Your Needs?
  • Week Two: “Selfless Behavior“: Are you Playing God By Trying to Meet All Your Spouse’s Needs?
  • Week Three: “Caring for Self“: Are You Exhausted and Feeling Hopeless?
  • Week Four: “Valuing Differences”: Do You Want the Freedom to Be Who You Are?


  • Week Five: “Secret Motives“: Do You Really Want to Reconcile?
  • Week Six: “Secret Anger“: Understand your Anger–Revolutionize Your Marriage!
  • Week Seven: “Secret Lies“: Honesty Is At The Core Of True Intimacy
  • Week Eight: “Secret Fears” What Keeps You From Being Real With Your Spouse?


  • Week Nine: “Know How To Recognize Hope”: Bad Habits Are Hard To Break”
  • Week Ten: “Know What To Avoid”: God’s Timing Is Not Always Our Own
  • Week Eleven: “Know Whose On Your Team: Turn Opposition Into Optimism
  • Week Twelve: “Know When To Go Forth: Whatever the Outcome, Use It For Good

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