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For Crisis Couples/Individuals: All books and resources are designed to be used individually, rather than as a couple. This will allow you to go through the 12-week workbook, or attend courses even if your spouse is unwilling to work on the marriage, or if you are separated.The Marriage 911 workbook comes with a Support Partner book for you to give to a same gender person of your choice. For more information on resources, see the books link.

For prayer requests please let us know your need in comment section. You are prayed for as soon as the request is seen by a ministry partner. For questions please allow 24-hours.

For Pastors or Leaders: If you are a pastor or leader, let us know your need in the comment section of this form. A Regional Marriage Ambassador in your area will contact you within 24-hours.

To Find  a Marriage 911 God’s Way Ministry Near You: Please let us know a major city you are near in the comment section. We will do our best to connect you.

Contact Information: 3430 Tully Road, Suite 20-447, Modesto, CA 95350  209-554-5547.