Sad Teenage Girl“Grief never ends…but it changes. It’s a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…it is the price of love.”-Author Unknown-

Businessman Thinking on Steps  This quote was recited to me not long ago from one of our ministry leaders who lost their grown son in a tragic accident nearly a year ago.(View their testimony on our website under the “True Stories” link.)

While Debbie quoted it in relation to the year anniversary of Josh’s death approaching, it made me think of another type of grief: Divorce.

We hear from men and women daily whose marriages are in crisis. Some weren’t saved. Their grief is heart-wrenching. Of course, nothing can compare with the death of a child, and we don’t mean to imply that. But, sometimes a self-centered father or mother forgets that children grieve just as deeply as adults. Is divorce really an option when a dad decides he’d rather be “free of the hassles”, or a women decides that “life is too short to pass up this chance at true love with someone else”?

I remember when my dad left my mom. I was only three. Joe remembers when his mom and dad divorced too. He was only six. We made our own mistakes as adults as years passed. But, finally, as Christians, we decided to stop the cycle of divorce in our family. It wasn’t easy to work out our differences. We still work on our marriage today–30 years later. Forgiveness is the gift we give to each other daily.

But, our children and grandchildren have benefitted from our reconciliation. The grief that divorce caused in our own lives taught us to persevere and work things out for the benefit of our family.

No, grief never ends. It does change, and it is the price of love. But, with God all things are possible, and regardless of the grief you may be facing today due to the loss of someone you love–either by a physical death or death of a marriage–hang on to God’s Word and His promises. Don’t harden your heart. Don’t be afraid to love. God paid the ultimate price of His love for us.

If your marriage is in crisis, or you know someone who is facing separation or divorce, our ministry offers the help and hope needed for reconciliation. With prayer, support, and the right resources a marriage can be saved.