12-Week Teaching Video Lessons

These videos are for use in conjunction with the Marriage 911: First Response 12-week workbook, and the 12-chapter  Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved book, or with the teaching PowerPoint presentation for leaders in a group setting.

Some weeks have more choices than others. Feel free to view any or all in each week’s lesson, depending on your time or preference.

To view teaching VIDEOS, click each Week’s lesson.

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INTRODUCTION  FROM JOE AND MICHELLE   (Joe and Michelle are the authors of the workbook and Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved book. This intro video may be shown with Week One for a 12-week class, or in a separate Introduction Week, making it a 13-week class)

LORI’S MESSAGE ON DAY WITH GOD (This is a short video clip that focuses on the tool in Week Three “Spend a Day With God”)

WEEK ONE: UNMET NEEDS Jim and Jenna discuss the importance of Tool #1 (Three Month Crisis Plan) and Tool #2 (Self-Nurturing).

WEEK TWO: SELFLESS BEHAVIOR Joe and Michelle discuss taking the focus off your spouse.

WEEK THREE: CARING FOR SELF Joe and Michelle discuss spending a day with God, and then give a tool for praying when in stressful situations. If you haven’t yet watched Lori’s video, add it this week.

LISA CHAN’S MESSAGE (Spending time with God)

WEEK FOUR: VALUING DIFFERENCES Joe and Michelle talk about personality differences, love languages and more.

LOVE LANGUAGES  VIDEO (this is an excellent short video on the Love Languages) To take a test online, go to: www.5lovelanguages.com)

WEEK FIVE: SECRET MOTIVES Have you ever felt one way, but pretended to be something else? Joe and Michelle discuss Secret Motives.

GARY THOMAS’S MESSAGE (author of Sacred Marriage) This is great message on motives.

WEEK SIX: SECRET ANGER Joe and Michelle discuss anger.

LOVE OTHERS” VIDEO (This video is good to help soften hearts towards others.)

WEEK SEVEN: SECRET LIES Honesty is the key to intimacy. This video is by Joe and Michelle.

WILLARD HARLEY’S MESSAGE on honesty (author of His Needs, Her Needs)

WEEK EIGHT: SECRET FEAR  Do what it takes to avoid having a fear-based marriage. Video by Joe and Michelle

WEEK NINE: KNOW HOW TO RECOGNIZE HOPE Bad habits are hard to break, but worth it to have a healthy marriage. Video by Joe and Michelle

FRANCIS CHAN’S MESSAGE (Living for Christ is an excellent video about following Christ)

WEEK TEN: KNOW WHAT TO AVOID God’s timing isn’t always our own. Video by Joe and Michelle

GARY SMALLEY’S MESSAGE (part 2 of a 3 part message that focuses on heart change.)

WEEK ELEVEN: KNOW WHO’S ON YOUR TEAM Learn ways to turn opposition into optimism, by Joe and Michelle

GARY SMALLEY’S MESSAGE (conclusion to a 3-part message on following Christ and making changes as we go forth in life.)

WEEK TWELVE: KNOW WHEN TO “GO FORTH” Regardless of what your spouse chooses to do, you can live a life worthy to God and help others do the same. Joe and Michelle’s last message in the series.


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