it takes two to reconcile a marriage, but only one  to start the process.

does your marriage look hopeless? Even if you are separated and facing divorce, don’t give up.

there are resources and support that work!

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 Your marriage can be saved

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 Joe and Michelle Williams, Founders and Authors

Marriage 911 Ministry at their church in Canada.

Marriage 911 Workbook and Yes, Your Marriage Can Be Saved book is also available in Spanish.



“If you’re considering the ‘D’ word, immediately stop and read their book. Joe and Michelle Williams share their own personal story of how God restored their marriage–even after separation–and give Bible-based help and real hope for saving your marriage God’s way. We highly recommend this book!” Dave and Claudia Arp, authors of the 10 Great Dates series, and The Second Half of Marriage

“Highly readable and amazingly insightful–what Joe and Michelle say really works. Lives have been changed by their counsel.” H. Norman Wright, marriage and family counselor and best-selling author

“We know Joe and Michelle Williams, and if anyone knows how to save a marriage, it’s Joe and Michelle! Even marriages that look or feel ‘too far gone’ don’t have to be, thanks to their advice.” Bill & Pam Farrel, best-selling authors of Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti.

“Our culture offers little hope for couples in crisis. Most simply divorce. Yet, according to the apostle Paul, Christ ‘gave us the ministry of reconciliation.’ Acting on that assurance and armed with the experience of their own past failures and separations, Joe and Michelle Williams offer new insights on reconciling and healing for even the most troubled and hopeless relationships. They offer guidance filled with practical do’s and don’ts.” Mike and Harriet McManus, Co-Founders and Co-Chairs of Marriage Savers

If your church is looking for a way to provide help and hope for marriages, consider purchasing the Leader’s Kit. It includes everything you need to conduct the ministry. Through donations, we are able to provide ongoing support, leadership training, and additional teaching resources at no extra cost to you.

The International Center for Reconciling God’s Way, Inc., is faith-based, non-profit, and is the home of Marriage 911 God’s Way Ministry.

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